Sign A Coaching Client The Embodied Way- 21 Day Challenge

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This training is for you if:

🙋‍♀️You're a coach, real estate agent, sound healer, yoga practitioner, basically, a business that relies on having clients...

🙋‍♀️You're worried about where your next client is coming from...

🙋‍♀️ You love, love, love what you do but you're spending more time trying to find clients than working with them...

***Inside the Sign a Coaching Client Then Embodied Way, 21-Day Challenge you will learn:

  ⚡️ YOUR exact step-by-step process to signing coaching clients that has your heart center screaming YES!!!

 ⚡️ The #1 KEY to signing your next coaching client(s) and beyond!

 ⚡️ Your unique, one-of-a-kind process that draws clients to you like a magnet!

 ⚡️ The BIGGEST thing blocking you from signing coaching clients, consistently!

 ⚡️ The #1 mindset shift that will change how you look at "getting coaching clients"


 ⚡️ The EXACT reason why "doing what everyone else is doing" DOESN'T work for YOU! (Psst... It's not you, I promise!)

This training is normally $97.00 but you can grab it for only $37.00 right now!

Start Signing Clients Here!

For the first 10 people who sign up, you'll receive a group coaching call with me to support you in ironing out the snags and sticky places to signing clients!

Here's what you get inside the challenge!

🔥 21 days of videos and exercises that have been designed specifically to help you release, reframe, and rewire how you currently view signing up coaching clients. (It's 22 days, I threw in a bonus day!)

🔥  Daily practical and woo action steps to take to get the energy moving so that you can sign your next coaching client ASAP!

🔥 How to recognize the signs that your next coaching client is on their way to you!! (Yes, there are signs and they will help you keep going!!)

🔥  Amazing support and accountability to support you in signing clients!  (Go from knowing what you should be doing to actually doing it!)

🔥 An amazing Facebook community for you to ask your questions, share your wins and niches, aha's, and breakthroughs, and all that you will be learning about yourself as you move through this challenge!!

🔥 What to say to start connecting with prospective clients.

🔥 BONUS trainings created specifically in response to questions that arise as you move through the challenge and to help you uncover your unique process of signing clients consistently.

🔥 And, sooo much more! I love to create in the moment as inspiration strikes!

🔥 PLUS: For the first 10 folks who sign up: A BONUS group call with me where you'll receive answers to your questions and where we will iron out the kinks and sticky places in your signing clients process.

This amazing training is normally $97 but you can grab it for only $37.00 right now!

Start Signing Clients Consistently HERE!

As soon as you sign up you'll have lifetime access to this training and your login and password so you can get started signing clients right away!

Plus, with lifetime access, you can revisit this powerful training whenever you want!

P.S. After you sign up, keep an eye out for an email from to schedule your bonus group call with Moi and how to join the free Facebook Group that comes with the challenge!

See you inside!

Get Started Signing Clients Consistently Here!

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Start Signing Clients Here!

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