BECOMING MAGNETIC 1:1 Manifestation Program

I cracked the code on becoming a magnet for money and financial freedom and I want to show you how YOU can too!!


In "Becoming Magnetic", you will learn how to:

  • Break generational patterns with money that have been keeping you broke and what it means to be able to fully receive it.

  • Uncover and shine a light on the everyday thoughts, habits, beliefs, and patterns that are running your life on autopilot, AND are keeping you from manifesting your goals, dreams, and visions!! (It’s time to take your power back.)


  • How to get crystal clear clarity on what you are asking for so that it has no other choice but to show up for you. I know this is hard and there can be soo much resistance here. This is why inside Becoming Magnetic we will be doing this work together. (Chances are this step is causing you a lot of grief right now and you're probably wondering if you're "doing it right.") 

  • My secret tool to STOP feeling exhausted and like you have to "make things happen" all the time.

  • How to manage your energy and invite in more space for you, resting, and receiving without feeling guilty. ( This is crucial to your manifesting practice.)


  • Implement my step-by-step process and make it your own, as you lay the foundation for your manifesting practice so that you can manifest more time, more ease, more financial freedom, more space in your schedule, and more daily support!! Consistently. ​

  • Be and stay in the state of receiving, so that you can take inspired action and allow everything to fall into place WITHOUT force. When you do this you BECOME a magnet that draws everything you desire to you, FAST!

  • Use how you feel, like a compass, that guides you so that you can decide and confidently take action while knowing in your bones, that your decisions are right for you!

Everything included in Becoming Magnetic are all the things that I have used to manifest over $150,000 cash, 2 dream homes, dream vacations, 2 businesses, and soo much more

Here’s what you get:


💌 The tools, how-tos, and the steps that you need to not only learn but then implement into your daily life so that you can activate your manifesting money magnet.

💌 The actual tools that I use from my personal toolbox that I have learned, collected, AND implemented into my own life that plain and simply WORK!! These easy-peasy tools have been designed to get you amazing and transformational results in your manifesting practice!!

​💌 The steps to dig deep to uncover the beliefs, habits, and patterns that are blocking you and up until now have silently been running your life so that you can heal them and make peace with them once and for all and begin to create new empowering beliefs that support you, your goals, dreams, and desires.

​💌 Use how you feel, like a compass, that guides you so that you can decide and confidently take action

💌 1:1 Coaching calls with me. This allows the support and space for you  in making these life-long shifts. Applying and implementing these steps is where the change happens.

Plus these BONUSES 👇👇👇

💌 BONUS #1: A 1:1 Vision Board Workshop With Laurie! Come create time and space for your dreams and visions so that they can finally come to LIFE!! This Vision Board Workshop takes ALL of the guesswork out of how to create powerful, aligned vision boards that ACTUALLY work so that you can FINALLY call in what you want to manifest!!

💌  BONUS # 2: Invoice to the Universe. This bonus helped me manifest $1,000.00 in less than 48 hours, and has helped clients manifest  TENS of thousands of dollars to date!! And you get it absolutely FREE when you sign up for Becoming Magnetic Self Study!!

💌 BONUS #3: Attitude For Gratitude 21-Day Challenge
Gratitude is one of the most MAGNETIC energies you can be in!! In my 21-Day Challenge, Attitude For Gratitude, you will make ABUNDANCE a habit in your life using the power of gratitude!! This challenge has helped thousands of dollars show up, pay raise negotiations, and so much more

💌 BONUS # 4: Guided Meditation Bundle
Quiet your racing mind so you can find PEACE of mind with my Guided Meditation Bundle! Just plug your earphones in, listen to the sound of my voice and you'll be meditating in NO time! 

PLUS... Lifetime access to this program!

Are you ready to become a MAGNET for money and your dreams, goals, and desires?!!

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Imagine what it will be like to teach and demonstrate to your kids what wealth-building beliefs, thoughts, words, and patterns look and sound like and how different your children's choices will be as a result of having these foundational pieces in place.

This is generational pattern interrupting!

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Let's go!

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P.S. Check out below what past clients have to say about Becoming Magnetic.

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10 Modules

Week 5: Rest & Receive

This week's module is giving you the space to fully receive extra time and space to let all that we have learned up until this point fully land in your body.

Week 6: Receiving & Your Vision Board Workshop Details!

Here are the free sites for your Vision Board Workshop images as well:

Modules for this product 10
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