I cracked the code to manifestation and Becoming Magnetic IS the code that will teach you how YOU can too!

It's time to manifest like the Goddess you ARE!


Understanding and leveraging your Manifesting Goddess Strategy is like the Rosetta Stone for your business!

Using your unique Manifesting Goddess Strategy is how you will:

  • Sign your ideal clients

  • Have people reaching out to you out of the blue asking how they can work with you

  • Create a schedule that gives you rest and adventure

  • Put your priorities back in the center of your life

  • Have MONEY and opportunities pouring in week after week.

Your manifesting Goddess strategy IS what will have your ideal clients pouring out of the woodwork. 

At first, it will seem surreal to you, but, it IS merely a reflection of you living your Manifesting Goddess Strategy!

The step-by-step process I'm sharing inside of BECOMING MAGNETIC Self-Study will show you how to:

💸 Uncover the subconscious thoughts, habits, beliefs, conditioning, and patterns that have been sabotaging your success up until now so you can live your Manifesting Goddess Strategy!

💸  Manifest like the GODDESS you are as you BECOME a magnet that draws in your ideal clients, money, goals, dreams, and desires faster and easier than you ever expected!!! ( No more hustling!) 

💸  TRUST yourself knowing that "you're doing it right" and that what you desire IS on it's way to you.

💸 How to recognize the signs, clues, and breadcrumbs that are bringing you what you desire. ( Its' like having your very own connect the dots book for your life and business)

💸 Make a crystal clear map legend for what you desire for your life and business so that it has no other choice but to show up for you

💸 Live in a state of possibility, abundance, and receiving and allow everything to fall into place without forcing it.

⬇️ Here's what you get when you sign up for Becoming Magnetic Self-Study:

💌  ALL the steps to manifesting so that you can start leveraging your unique manifesting goddess strategy, NOW! Including the missing steps to manifestation that I couldn't find in any other manifesting books or courses I took. 

💌 My step-by-step process so that you not only learn but also how to implement your Manifesting Goddess Strategy in your business so that you can claim all the opportunities and financial freedom you desire WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed!

💌 Manifestation tools that ACTUALLY WORK!! I've broken down these powerful manifestation tools for you and made them easy to understand and FUN to use so that you can FINALLY put your powerful Manifesting Goddess Energy to work for you

💌 BONUS: Invoice to the Universe: Sometimes we need money for something FAST! This bonus has helped me manifest $1,000.00 in less than 48 hours, and has helped my clients manifest TENS of thousands of dollars to date!! And you get it as a BONUS when you sign up for Becoming Magnetic Self Study!!

💌 BONUS: Attitude For Gratitude 21-Day Challenge: Gratitude is one of the most MAGNETIC energies you can be in!! It will help you AMPLIFY your manifesting goddess energy.
Past participants have shared that they had thousands of dollars show up, asked for a raise at work, and sold items they had been trying to sell for a year, but during the challenge, they sold almost overnight!

Friends, this all happened by them using the power of gratitude to amplify their Manifesting Goddess Strategy!

💌 BONUS: Guided Meditation Bundle: Quiet your racing mind, and reclaim your manifesting energy from all the things that distract you with my guided meditation bundle.  Put in your earbuds and follow my voice as you use your unique Manifesting Goddess Strategy to manifest your dream clients and financial freedom!

PLUS... You have lifetime access to this program!

Click here to crack the code to manifestation now and start manifesting like the goddess you are!

Manifesting Goddess Results

Create the lifelong transformation that will EMPOWER YOU and help you FINALLY reach your dreams and goals!!

Are you ready to:

  • Sign your ideal clients

  • Create a schedule that gives you rest and adventure

  • Put your priorities back in the center of your life

  • Have opportunities AND money pouring week after week.

Click here to crack the manifestation code now!

Some FAQ'S:

Question: What happens after I sign up?

Answer:   Right after you submit your details, you will be directed to the Becoming Magnetic Self Study product page. You will also receive your login and password and will be able to start the course right away or whenever you wish. ( Psst.... There's no rush you have lifetime access.)

Question: This all sounds good Laurie but, I'm really busy right now. Should I wait until I have more time to dedicate to this program before I purchase?

Answer:   You have lifetime access to this program and because it's self-study, you can work through it when you have time. There's no pressure for you to work on it right now because there are no deadlines or due dates. Making this purchase now will give you access at this limited-time investment.

Question: Times are tough right now and I can think of a lot of other places where I can use this money. Why should I do this program now?

Answer:     I get it, times are challenging right now. That's why this course is more important than ever before because you'll be learning how to become a magnet for the opportunities, experiences, and situations that WILL get you signed clients AND make you money regardless of what is happening around you. 

You will also uncover your money blocks and limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your relationship with money. ALL of this is EXACTLY why NOW is the perfect time to learn, understand, and leverage your Manifesting Goddess Strategy!

Question: What if I find that I would like to have more support with uncovering my manifesting goddess strategy?

Answer:     If you find that you would like to add 1:1 or group coaching support to the Becoming Magnetic Self-Study course we can absolutely do that and  we'll apply your investment from the self-study version to your program with support.

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