Money Energy Audit for Women In Business And Coaches!!

Women in business and coaches, it's time to become BFFs with MONEY!!

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This Money Energy Audit is designed to help you bring awareness to:

  • How you really FEEL about money (even if you don't realize it!)

  • The sneaky ways how you feel about money is impacting your business (and finances)

  • Your “relationship status” with your money. (Yes, you’re in a relationship with money even if you don't think you are!!)

  • How to TALK to money

  • How you and money can get hot and heavy. (This tool will help you “turn on” and heat up your relationship with money!)

Being clear about your “relationship status” with money is what will support you in:

  • Making offers to your clients with confidence

  • Pricing your programs and sticking to it!! No more discounts!

  • Owning your worth and charging for it

  • Investing in yourself so that you can become the version of you that is financially free

  • Investing in your business to support your growth

  • Having fun without feeling guilty!!!

  • Traveling and taking time off without having to overbook yourself before you go and  when you come back!

  • It allows you to be fully present when you are at home with your family, and to be fully present when you are at work, without feeling guilty!

Are you ready to transform your relationship with money so you can become financially free?

It starts here. Sign up to get FREE instant access!!

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