Attitude For Gratitude: 21 Day Gratitude Challenge

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 Here's why THIS is "nacho mamma's" regular gratitude practice:

  • If you're the type of person who LOVES synchronicities, THIS challenge is going to raise and expand your frequency for synchronicity even higher so that when you're thinking, " Jeesh, I haven't heard from Grace this week, BOOM, Grace reaches out with a text that says, Hi! I haven't talked to you this week, how are you?" CHILLS!

  • And, because of your expanded, "high vibing frequency," you're going to become a magnet for money and anything else you want to manifest

  • The Attitude For Gratitude 21-Day Challenge is "nacho mamma's" gratitude practice because it's NOT just gratitude, it's deep HEART-FELT gratitude as in actually feeling moved by your emotions, tears in your eyes gratitude, PLUS the appreciation and expansion that comes with it!

These 21 days will give you the habits and tools to tap into heartfelt gratitude 24/7 for the rest of your life for just $97.00!

PLUS... You'll feel sooo good that you'll be feeling and speaking things into existence like your Aaron Rodgers on game day!

💗 Heartfelt gratitude is one of the MOST powerful energies you can have in your life and manifesting practice! 

💗 Heartfelt gratitude IS the GATEWAY to activating your money magnet and manifesting anything you want 🙌🏼 

💗 Heartfelt Gratitude + Joy + Deep Appreciation = Manifestation.

Heartfelt gratitude is what makes this challenge so freakin' powerful ya'll!!

It takes 21 days to form a habit, which means you can activate your money magnet and make manifesting a habit in just 21 days using the power of heartfelt gratitude...

I mapped out a day-by-day process of short videos and intention-filled PDFs that are easy for you to take in AND tap into heartfelt gratitude.

All you have to do is press play like it's an 80's mix tape.

It's super easy to fit this challenge into your daily life!

Past participants have done the short daily exercises either first thing in the morning while still lying in bed or as they're winding down and tucking themselves in for the night. 

Results from past members:

💓 Unexpected money show-up to the tune of over $4,000.00+ and still counting.

💓  Asked their boss for a raise!

💓  Sold items that they had been unable to sell for over a year! (They became a match for what they wanted with heart-felt gratitude!)

💓 They had a deeper sense of confidence.

💓 A deeper sense of trust within themselves as they make decisions.

💓 Intuitive hits and guidance that were off the charts. Hello signs, serendipity, and synchronicity!

💓 They raised their energy level and began to see things differently and unexpected solutions and results showed up in HUGE ways!!

💓 They were happier, more relaxed, and said they felt supported by the go-to tools they received inside the challenge.

💓 They saw the places in their life where they could implement and use these powerful tools to support them in times when things got hard and their day-to-day challenges were knocking them down so they could get right back up. Talk about resiliency.

🤯 Check out what past challengers have to say...

" From doing this challenge, I manifested a check in the mail for $867.41 AND a gift of $800.00. BOTH were totally UNEXPECTED and I had no idea they were coming to me. That's a total of $1667.41 in 21 days.

Included with the Attitude For Gratitude Challenge is lifetime access!! So I do the challenge over and over again because it works!"

- Nikki Uvalles

Nikki's energy and attitude of heartfelt gratitude opened her up to RECEIVE unexpected money and checks in the mail.

And, here's what happened to Jess as she went through the challenge...

  "Numerous items shifting, and changing in ways that they haven't in a long time!" 

 "It seemed serendipitous that Laurie's 21-day program came across my path. It was also near a dark moon, which is an awesome time to implement and manifest. 

The challenge is awesome. I loved the practices and mantras. Laurie is a great storyteller and this is one of my favorite parts of the challenge.

Her stories highlight the lesson/practice of the day.

I watched the videos each morning, journaled, and brought my reflections to the group. It was a good flow. I felt the ease in which manifesting gratitude in my life can happen. 

The challenge helped me to step more clearly into aspects of gratitude that make the practice of living with an attitude of gratitude more holistic and complete and allowed me to put some dreams down on paper and play around with big sums of money which opened up the possibility of what wealth can look like.

I just returned to my What Have I Been Asking For ? list and see numerous items shifting, and changing in ways that they haven't in a long time! How cool! 

I highly recommend this awesome and effective 21-day challenge that Laurie so lovingly and excitedly offers!"

- Jessica Kilbourn.   

It's time to see what's possible for you when you step into the magnetic energy field of heartfelt gratitude, joy, and appreciation!

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Here's how Attitude for Gratitude will support you:

Each day you'll unlock a short video, exercise, and affirmation
so that you have EVERYTHING you need to make abundance a habit using the power of heartfelt gratitude!!

💗👇 Here's what's inside:

💓 Daily videos that tell you everything you need to know about heartfelt gratitude, the science & magic of abundance, and how you can use your body's physiology to shift into a state of true abundance

💓 Daily exercises so that you can practice what you're learning inside the 21-day challenge and track what's showing up!! You'll learn why this part is SOOO important inside the challenge and how this supports you in your manifesting practice even if you don't know the first thing about manifesting!!

💓 Daily affirmations so that you can embody the changes that you'll be making throughout the 21-day challenge. These powerful affirmations support you in feeling amazing at any time throughout your day!! It's like having a "feel-good moment" on-demand in your day"

💓 BONUS content to support you throughout the challenge that has been designed specifically in response to this challenge!!

💓 PLUS, a powerhouse community of like-minded folx where you can share what you're noticing,  your wins, your aha's, and, it's a safe and brave space for you to bring your questions.

Best of all... You get INSTANT & LIFETIME access to this challenge!!

All for just $97!!

Ready to shift your attitude for gratitude so you can make abundance a HABIT?

Let's do this!

Sign up for Attitude For Gratitude to start your transformation today!!

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P.S. After you sign up you will INSTANTLY receive access to the Attitude For Gratitude 21-Day Challenge so that you can activate your money magnet and start manifesting right away!

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